14 thoughts on “[TAS] Silly Excuses #38: Normalizing

  1. Worse are the idiots who overthinking manhwas where 90% of pages are sex, sex and more sex as something deep and mature.

  2. Whoever says that Dragon Maid is a social commentary has clearly reached the bottom of the barrel for excuses to defend they're sweet moe from critical thinkers.

  3. i like the vid, but, why did talk about the holocaust? it has nothing to do with what you said in the video.

  4. Soooo all your lame humor and jokes about nazis and Hitler from your older videos are not an example of normalization? Comedy and contemporary usage of certain swear words have definitely undergone normalization, which is why many ppl are "easily offended". You are not an exception myhypocritesnob. And many of your "retro" shows have this quality as well.

  5. Anime News Network is full of SJWs… of course is full of overthinking idiots that want to throw made-up politics everywhere to "defend" their favorite shows lol.

  6. The Auth-right has become more annoying than the regressive-leftist SJW with their constant bitching and conspiracy theories.

  7. Pretentious overthinkers trying to pass Maid Dragon and Demi-chan wa Kataritai as the next Orwell films or whatever are bad yes, but I'm getting the feeling you've done the same thing but in the opposite direction – trying to pass them off as the next Boku no Picos or whatever.

    Orgies in Maid Dragon? Never happens. Never even implied or mentioned. It's a good comedy (assuming the comedy's in your taste) with some decent serious moments sprinkled here and there.

    Demi-chan wa Kataritai is a series just for the teacher to date his students? Where did you get that? It happened once, could hardly even be called a real "date", even in-series, and it's never brought up again. It's another nice comedy with some social commentary about "different" people being treated differently just for being "different", which has parallels in real life.

    Overthinking is one thing, oversimplifying to the point of creating outright falsehoods is another.

  8. Tssk. Stupid. Normalization is dreary, and even though the tasteless won't ever admit it by vanity. What we all seek for in a piece of animation is an odyssey of the senses. Normalizing the fantastic is like cutting Merlot wine with water.
    The relatable character of a show is such a sacred cow, right? How many times shall we repeat that this isn't an intrinsic value to a show? I value more a work that labors to build up its own esthetic wave rather than one conforming to empirical realm to better appeal its target audience. I don't care about slice of nothing happens if they have the production value of an animated soap opera. No matter what casuals will say, these titles are self insert throwaways forgotten upon completion.
    For instance, I personally don't like the surrealist approach of FLCL, but I don't deny this show have developed enough personality to be quoted as a classic. Indeed, its thematics around the dawning of puberty are given their own ring. This is why this Gainax title, with its intricate storytelling, will still stick on the collective memories while "Scum's Wish" will crawl back to obscurity after a while.

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