17 thoughts on “The Church Of What’s Happening Now Pre Show: #512 – Adam Ray

  1. Peter Dante as a guest would be the next big one , please get that man on here ! I just think it would gel perfectly ,just like action ,Peter is meant to be a guest on the church !

  2. "I'm drunk every drink.
    I've been blown by men in wigs. I've done every drug except heroin.
    I'm saving that." – Doug Stanhope

  3. Either you leave the trichomes on the flower and ignite the whole thing, or you shake em off and vape them, eat them, dab them….who cares. Also, I think people vaping the shit in a pen are taking a bigger risk than you Joeseph, that shit could explode in their face at any time. Who cares, I'll go fuck myself now. Thanks guys.

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