18 thoughts on “The Cinema Snob: I’M NOT ASHAMED

  1. It's funny because Cassie (i.e Rachel) was NOT the one who said this. Another student, Val Shnurr, actually was the one who had this exchange. But the Christians were all like, welp too bad, we're going w this..

  2. She was drawing in English class. There wasn't anything being taught in that classroom, trust me.
    How much do you wanna bet none of the drama in this movie actually happened? Movies like this love inserting blatant lies in the form of Lifetime TV Movie garbage that directly contradicts known facts.

  3. Two thing one Americans you know I could say all about you need better gun laws for mental problem people and how younger to relax and the god ting but what can I say what already has been said , religious tolerance people look it up

  4. this is absolutely tasteless….thank god they dont do these tasteless exploive movies about tragdies anymore… especially ones about 9/11 or something……….OH WAIT………

  5. Wow, the 15 documentary about Rachel Scott's life is a million times better than this piece of shit.

  6. This feels more like a Lifetime movie than a PureFlix film. It's lousy, but doesn't make me want to throw things at the screen.

  7. I'm the father of God, and I'm disappointed in God and you gullible melon farmers says:

    I just replied to a comment today telling some dumb fuck that I was playing Wolfenstein before he was fucking born. And I was doing it in '92 on a goddamn 486DX33 file server / CAD system. More than any of you whiney n00bs could afford. And I fucking hate all this bullshit at funerals and in movies like this that make every goddamn person out to be a saint or some shit. You all have nasty ass thoughts and are sinners, fuckers. None of you are innocent and pure. You're all guilty.

  8. There's actually a group called Rachel's Challenge. They spoke at my school back in the day and someone said they were trying to tackled the issues of bullying and school shootings. Well intentioned, but came across more as a deification of Rachel. It's no surprise that Rachel's Challenge is the girl's family and a family friend. It's understandable that they'd want her memory to live on, but like this film, it comes across as propaganda.

  9. This film just feels wrong. Look I grew up in denver colorado and went to school really close to columbine. Its always been something that is hard to deal with mostly because from the day DPS thinks your old enough you hear about the shooting and you know the impact it had. To use this as a propaganda peace for your religion just feels disrespectful to he people who survived and to the people lost their lives that day. It just doesn't feel okay to do something like this. I would get it if it was to talk about the effects of bullying, depression, and the other factors that lead to that day but this….this just isn't right.

  10. Ah yes, the Columbine RPG. It's quite sympathetic towards the shooters, which the player controls. While it does depict them go to Hell in the end, it also implies that they're having actual fun there.
    It might be the only video game that actually does make me want to kill someone : Its creator.
    Also is it just me or was Hercules,er Kevin Sorbo, in this movie?

  11. They straight up Twlight-ed Columbine. The character of Rachel Scott in the movie is just another self-important, self-victimizing Bella. Way to take someone who, as far as I can tell, was just a very nice, very compassionate person and turn her into another angsty teenager with first world problems.

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