11 thoughts on “The HOLY GRAIL of FORD Trucks!

  1. When are you coming out with the…Text For It hats…i see you at the LA Fitness but instead of working for it…you always texting in the machines….

  2. I own a 1997 f350 7.3 powerstroke. its four wheel drive. all stock. no rust. 149,000 miles. great condition and all the orignal parts completely taken care of. and it has a 5 speed standard transmission. The automatic trucks are so much slower than a manual.

  3. Are you an auctioneer? You talk 90 miles an hour. In the whole 18 minutes and 25 seconds, you took 3 breaths. You remind me of my son. He talks so fast, I can't understand a fucking thing he says. I wanna see your blow up doll. Is she for sale? She looks pretty well used, I'll give ya 2 dollars and an envelope for her.

  4. Homo Deephole won't cut wood or wind for us here if it is treated woody because it is inside. If I need wood cut that is treated, I go to Meeks. All of my wood is treated, I take it to DQ and treat it to an ice cream cone

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