The wildest best whip event in history?!? VLOG 5

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8 thoughts on “The wildest best whip event in history?!? VLOG 5

  1. Very nice Vlogs Martin! So awesome that you give us some insights in what your days look like and for giving us the chance to get to know you a little more! Your very first youtube videos from 2008 got me into riding MTB and I'd like to see more. Have a nice day!

  2. the vlogs are so great every Day i was waiting for the New one. I folw jour career so long. you are one of the biggest in this sport. I hope wen our baby brake is over next year with my little girl I can see you in Germany again…

  3. yo Martin these vlogs have been rad! it'd be cool if you keep doing them but please don't force yourself to do them EVERY day even when you aren't doing anything, so many bmx vloggers just put out mundane content for the sake of it and it really drowns out any good content they produce

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