20 thoughts on “Tile Lippage or Uneven Tile (When Your Tile Doesn’t Match Up )

  1. Thinset should not be used if you need a buildup of more than 1/2 inch . that product dosent have the density to stand that high. its always faster and easier to float the floor flat.
    btw no professional tile man would set his floor on cement board.

  2. what if your using a transition strip at the doorway? They typically only allow roughly 1/8" to 3/16" of thin set. I guess you could order taller ones but generally they are all 3/8"

  3. Good advice from a working setter; there will always be "experts" that disagree; we all have our own preferred methods; I never criticize unless its dangerous or downright wrong – thanks for sharing!

  4. You know.. after I've watched tons of your videos I've realized something. All the tile guys in my area are just all talk!! Even the big company's. Tried to charge a cust over a grand to set 4 tiles on a landing.

  5. Im confused. Ya say door is high point but then speak of high middle. If door is high point then wouldn't thinset be thinner at door and thinker in middle?

  6. If you wan't a level floor,and make it a lot easier to lay tile you have to mud float the floor. You will use a lot less thinset less aggravation, and save time by not having to keep lifting tiles to make adjustments.

  7. A lot of information! Sounds like an experienced hand talking through past problems and getting around them.

  8. Im a handyman in Little Rock, Arkansas and thinset is an excellent floor leveler and besides you'll save money to not buying floor leveler. Using thinset to level floor will give the tile and floor an incredible bond! Those idiots talking about buying floor leveling compound dont know shit…. Great job starr tile…

  9. Me, rectified tile ONLY, or I wont do the job. About 2.80sf. Earns me a paycheck quicker, and usually a reference.

  10. got it thanks. yes check it out one day homedepot lowes all tiles have an arrow on back. When I lay the down face them all the same way. But anyway that job looks good and u give good info. Thanks later

  11. Nice work question . that 16th of an inch bigger . so my question isn't that the reason why all tiles arrow on back of each tile have to be facing the same way? just asking . I've had that problem before with a tile being a little bigger. then I notice that tiles arrow facing a different way then the others . why does tile factory place arrows on each tile at its being cut through machines.

  12. The more and more I watch this dudes work the more and more I realize he does not know the proper methods to doing things.

    Thinset is not to be used as a leveler. Buy a self leveling compound…

  13. Maybe I should try to explain better. There is no existing tile (except some peel & stick that I am replacing with ceramic)


    This ridge is actually about as high as the top of the hardwood in the next room. I think that maybe the reality is, the bedroom floor has sunk a bit with settling as the beam for the main floor is where the ridge is located. What you can't see, and neither can I, is what the flooring is like under the jetted tub (not shown, it's behind the camera view) I want to remove and replace with a pedestal tub. I suspect this ridge runs the length of the wall but I won't know until tear out happens. If I plan the tile layout to have a grout line along the top of the ridge while sloping the tile back to the hardwood in the next room am I creating a future problem or do you think that will work?

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