10 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons NOT to move to Las Vegas, Nevada. #1 is obvious.

  1. Crazy stuff happens there , just like other cities . I feel relatively safe there , while in my siblings neighborhood . Jobs vary out there just like any city .Yes 60% might work at a casino union likely .They all do not . Getting a job out there I hear can be challenging . The heat is to much for me though , I go in April .

  2. Great food. Lots of work. If you can stay above the negative infulences of the city you can make a GREAT life for you and your family. And our gas prices are below average.

  3. Sounds like this guy doesn't live in Las Vegas. He visits, and it's kinda nice, not sure he is qualified to make a video of where not to live. Down voted.

  4. I lived in Vegas for 16 years and I've missed it ever since. There's a little bit of something for everyone and you can find your niche somewhere. The food scene was great. The weather was great. Vegas is among the top 5 most sunniest cities on Earth. I could go out anytime of the day or night and meet up with others and there will be a place open. You hear all these negative connotations of the city, but in reality it's up to you to mold and define your own Vegas life and not someone else.

  5. This list is just misinformation. Traffic is Vegas is nonexistent. This guy has obviously never been to DC or NYC. The schools are awful, that's true. On gambling, I've lived here for 3 years and never once gambled. On the strip clubs, that has nothing to do with living in Vegas. What are you doing spending so much time in strip clubs with a wife at home? It's not hard finding good places to eat. The food in Vegas is incredible.

    I stopped watching after you listed Downtown as a reason NOT to live in Vegas. Wow. Have you ever even spent time Downtown? Live, free music both on Fremont and the Container park. Street performers. Cool bars. Awesome brunch places. Karaoke, trivia, and cycling meetups.

    Vegas is a wonderful place to live. It's one of the best cities in the country for hiking. We are surrounded by beautiful mountains on all sides. We have Joshua Tree, Zion, Death Valley, Great Basin, Bryce Canyon, and the GRAND CANYON all within short driving distances. Vegas also has an extremely low cost of living. The only cities with lower costs are surrounded by corn on all sides. Stop lying to the public with regard to things you obviously know nothing about.

  6. I found the locals in Vegas to be very nice! Compared to texas and arizona locals in Vegas are real cool open and willing to help especially if you treat them with respect, but if you treat them like servants you will get the same bad results as anywhere but I had so many great run ins off the strip with the locals at the super markets gas stations etc… They will go out of there way to help you and talk with you, I had so many locals wave to me or give me high 5's because of My Raiders hat. One guy even gave me like $25 off my groceries at a supermarket. The tourists are the reason Vegas sucks so bad and yes the weather is tough but come on they have huge AC pit stops everywhere!

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