Trey Gowdy Finds Out Secret Service Agents Tried To Embarrass Jason Chaffetz

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13 thoughts on “Trey Gowdy Finds Out Secret Service Agents Tried To Embarrass Jason Chaffetz

  1. Did you notice that dude twiddling his thumbs? That's a huge sign of nervousness. Gowdy pulls no punches. I sure hope he runs for president in'24

  2. I'm looking for some real credible dialogue here, and all I see are "pom pom girls." My concern about "our" government is the fact we can't hold anyone responsible for any actions because no, one, individual has any responsibility for anothers actions under their management. You fire them for incompetence period, goodbye, see ya, you have gone beyond the boundry set forth of this institution.

  3. This video was entitled with Jason Chafferz's name (implying that HE was the one the Secret Service made fun of and tried to embarrass), yet NO WHERE in this video is Chaffetz's name mentioned! Why did you erroneously name this video?

  4. I think, they need to remove the FBI from activities in foreign nations and the CIA should be restricted from activities inside the US.
    The FBI is part of the DOJ, but should be subordinate to the Sec of Homeland Security and The Director should be equal in power to the Director of ICE.

  5. Gowdy should be given his choice, head of FBI, U.S. Atty Gen… or whatever he thinks he can do the most good with cleaning up the dirt in washington, Liberal or Conservative.

  6. The only reason Gowdy was not picked for a cabinet stop has to be because he declined I'm sure Trump had to at least offer

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