15 thoughts on “Trying On Torrid’s Curve Collection Bras | Plus Size Bra Haul

  1. You look beautiful, Amanda! I will never understand why plus size bras, made for plus size women, don't have a wider band! I'd really like to have an explanation (no sarcasm here) because even if your basing your sizes of off a 12 or 14 to a 26, that entire range of women could benefit from a wider band, it would not hurt one and help the other. So… anyways hehe…the front is pretty though. I'd absolutely think about purchasing one, if the band was widened, even on one.

  2. I've been wearing Torrid bras for years. Hopefully they still have the ones with boning on the side. I cannot take the digging and rolling.

  3. I like bras with a wider strap on the back ☺. Love your vids and i am super happy you are being sponsored! Get your money girl, you deserve it!! ❤❤

  4. My fave bras are the balconette bras from The Avenue. Nice wide bands on the side and they hold and lift my boobs nicely.

  5. Your eyelashes are stunning! Xo. I like torrid bralettes bc of the comfort. I probably won't try their regular bra too pricy. I get super comfy ones from this great place online.

  6. Do you use anything to make your face glow, like a primer or some kind of skin care? Your face is glowing so beautifully. Could just be sweat lol idk

  7. Strange question but does the bra squeak or make noise when you move and bend while wearing it? Every torrid bra I have had squeaked around the underwire.

  8. I love the black one! It looks super sleek and sassy lol…not a fan of the rolling, why is that, why can't they make bras for plus size women and fix that issue lol…but u look amazing as always =)

  9. The bras look soo super soft and comfy but the rolling would drive me nuts and I hate when that happens because I feel like my back looks extra fat…hmm

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