9 thoughts on “Twitch Livestream | Wolfenstein: The New Order Part 2 [PC]

  1. ray is so amazing, he is like god, he makes my refactory time to nothing, I can come twice in six or so minutes

  2. To clarify. I'm German and I live in Germany. I can watch every video of Ray but the games in Germany are mostly censored

  3. How does Ray not appreciate the Internet Box? it was a fun podcast they did for a few years and even won multiple rewards. Without the Internet Box, many people wouldn't have found out about Ray and the other members: Michael, Mike, Dylon, Kerry, Andrew, Barbara, and Lindsay. Before Ray was employed at AH, he was on the Internet Box. In my opinion, Ray should be thankful for his roots with Internet Box.
    I don't usually comment, but I wanted to see if anyone had any reasonable ideas.

  4. Anyone else think the gun sounds in this game seems bland? Like shooting is under water and reload is the sound of plastic

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