18 thoughts on “Two Year Grapes – How To Grow Grapes In Your Garden

  1. I enjoy watching your video. They give me so much joy. You are so lucky to leave in California. SoCal is a great atmosphere for growing year around. I wish we could grow grapes year round in zone 7.

  2. Awesome video. Since am in Chennai, India.would like to know whether it's possible to grow grapes here

  3. This is absolutely fantastic! Thank you so much! I'm going to growing some grapes this season, can't wait.

  4. oh man you actually spend 2 years to film this video, really impressed and thankful to you for such an informative video. already hit the thumbs up and subscribed.

  5. Can you put what kind of Fertilizer you use, the plants are beautiful! Out of a container is fantastic!!

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