15 thoughts on “Ultimate Page Kennedy Vine Compilation 2017 (w/Titles) Funny PageKennedy Vines – Co Viners

  1. 0:54 You I'm telling you girl I wanna eat your booty like groceries on the first of the month after I get my aid check. Ima eat that shit till you dehydrate.

  2. so the rat was chasing the cat?
    the rat was chasing the cat?
    my fav youtuber is kyutie
    and she wears a lot of hats
    drops mic "Dr.sues where u at doe

  3. Was I the only one who was weirded out at 6:23 because it said that it was march 28?…because it said in the description that it was march 1st when they posted the video…

    …or maybe it was last year…idk…

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