17 thoughts on “WE HAVE TO GET A NEW DONKEY

  1. hey roman my name is anna and I am 10 years old and I will proably buy some of your stuff on wensday or on Thursday  and I realy like your vidos love you guys smile more

  2. i went to Australia last year for 6 weeks. when I came back it was the day before school and we had to go to school. needless to say I was very tired and fell asleep. luckily for me the teacher didn't see me but my  friends woke me up. I forgot to say the trip there was amazing. it was a very long flight because on the first plane from London to hong kong it took 11 hours and then from hong kong to Brisbane it was 8 and a half hours. but on the way back I got food poisoning and was sick throughout the whole flight. btw it was the 11 hour flight.  the moral to this story thing is I know how jet lag feels like.

  3. You hit 12 million subscribers!!!!! You probably already know but just in case you didn't, you hit 12 million!!!

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