One thought on “We’re all selfish superficial and too fat? | Katrin Tiidenberg | TEDxTTU

  1. "we're" not anything you shouldve been more specific & clear when you're saying we're because it is "women who are the ones who are superficial & mainly a bunch of self entitled​, irrational sociolpaths that deserve to be treated like the postitue that they are if a women has sex with anyone because he has money that's a positutes if she secrely not giving him sex because he's being cheap you're a prostitute and if you have someone's kid just because you know he has money and want to take half of it then you're a legal prostitute that deserves the hell that your gender is now suffering from with your stupid love for worthless dimonds & so called upscale brand that are made crappyer then ones that are actually made better &also probably half or more then that price!

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