What news program in the USA incorporates pressing American affairs AND international affairs?

  1. I just moved to the US and Im having trouble finding international and national news merged into one show. I just want the traditional news where the anchor reads the introduction, he/she talks about it, a video is shown and she just moves onto the next story.

    I dont want a discussion show, just traditional news 🙂 Thank you. Please tell me what channel the show is on and what time as well as the timezone youre referring to. Thank you!

    Answer by sunshine25
    The big three are CNN, MSNBC and FOX News. Might have to switch among these and tune in to local news to get the customization that you what.

  2. I personally feel that MSNBC and CNN give news in an unbiased manner, but I have noticed that a lot of conservatives believe differently. I have noticed Fox news anchors give Jon Stewart a hard time based on his show, even though it isnt a news show and have watched some of them admit that they give their news based on their right wing beliefs. I dont think any news show should give out news based on their own personal beliefs. How do you feel about this?

    Answer by Page1344
    Actually our biggest news media outlets are the local affiliates of the big three ABC, NBC, and CBS. More people get there news there than on any cable news outlet.

  3. I enjoy reading Reuters and Yahoo News but I want a website that will give me the most important news stories from the entire day, not the most recent breaking news. I want something like an online newspaper for US and international news.

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    Answer by ?
    CNN gives the breaking news on the first page; however, if you click on the “World” or “U.S.” tabs, you will get the top stories of the day without the breaking news stuff that you dont want. You can also click find information from previous days.


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