17 thoughts on “Why corporate America doesn’t want you to be financially literate

  1. +TrollMonger your right on point. That would be a great plan to build our own economy. I know personally am about to retire from being sneakers worth $200. Besides that I save my money well. At least in my opinion. But +Boyce Watkins you are on point. Amerika has implemented a system to always have us spend money on things we don't need in the first place…cnt wait for the Blac kWealth Booth Camp as well! Much love.

  2. Perfect Video! That's why blacks have to Self Educate ourselves outside of College. Get into a Entrepreneurship Class, Go to Entrepreneur Seminars, Hang around successful folks. Use youtube to learn about Finance and Entrepreneurship. We have one right here. Get involved then ACT!!!!!!!

  3. +Sensei Aishitemasu Take your bullshit back to the lousy bitch section of YouTube. The point is that nobody is perfect and anyone might say stuff at anytime which they might take back later. A reasonable stance would be to say something like "Dr. Boyce I usually agree with you but, I strongly disagree with your comment on Dolezal", not jump out of the window with retarded accusations of being an "agent of White Supremacy".

    It's also incredibly cowardly to silence opposing opinions and have comments removed just because they don't agree wholly with you. It's insidious and highlights that you're full of an 'agenda' not  based on truth, just like the white supremacy your 'supposedly' against.

    Massa taught you well huh?

  4. I do not need it, but how much is it going to cost and why now?  I ask that question because for decades black people were never educated on how to manage their finances.  In my city there is a black woman from DC/VA, Healthy, Wealthy & WIse on talk radio who offers these seminars for $65.00.  I hope it pays off for those who are attending.

  5. It is just like being a drug addict no different you go to work to buy drugs so you can work harder to buy more drugs.The same applies to stuff you work hard to buy sneakers that cost 250 bucks so you can impress a woman or your buddies but they come out with a new one so you need to work harder to buy those on and on . The ladies out here should just tell the guys when they see waste like this no go away grow up you wont date a money waster I bet things would change inside of a few years.

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