11 thoughts on “Why Don’t We See Christians Living an Abundant Life? Michael Ramsden at UCLA

  1. I thank you for your transparency RZIM. The Lord never said we would have an abundant life in this world. He said we would have tribulation. Jesus did not die for our affluence.

  2. You give your whole life to Christ, not just a part of it. The evils the church has done, we've done because we kicked God out of areas of our lives. All the hypocrisy. The highest ethic we live by is "whatever you feel is right".
    I've been to places where Christians are persecuted. They are the most beautiful people in the world. They are completely uncompromising, because of their love, peace, kindness, self-control.
    I am a christian. It is my life. But we in the west have failed the unbelievers by turning away from God.

  3. Good response, particularly calling one another to account (pass 'judgment') since we are supposed to be bearing the fruit of the Spirit. The delicate balance is discerning the hypocrites from the true babes in Christ.

  4. well said. I like the breakdown of the uncompromising fact of Christianity. The demands that Jesus has set forth for us are the most challenging ever to be given to mankind. It is difficult to walk the Christ way… but even harder knowing that you're not.

  5. It will be so good ( if ) people would
    ( only do ) what Jesus TAUGHT in HIS WORD…..
    we call it the HOLY BIBLE
    and BEAR your CROSS and , as James said: Be DOERS of what you are TAUGHT ……IJN Amen

  6. Belief in Christ is lacking.
    Just one line from Jesus is sufficient to power one's life – if it is truly believed.

    The amount of fissile material which actually released energy in the Hiroshima bomb weighed less than a dollar note.
    Belief in Christ is the same in that only it releases God's enormous will and power.

    But belief like this is rare. We are turned off faith by logic. Events. Doubt. 
    The abundant life (promised through faith in Christ) evaporates….

    Martyn Lloyd Jones in Joy Unspeakable deplores the faithless, anaemic, watered down, doubt ridden religion that today passes itself off as christianity. He quotes Pascal (one of the finest minds to have lived) "…joy, joy, joy, tears of joy…"

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