13 thoughts on “WOODWORKING: World’s Cheapest Furniture Lumber

  1. This is an old video !!! AND many lumber yards do NOT let you pick through the pile !!! You take em as they come !!! Which is bullshit as many pieces do not meet grade standards !!! IF a lumber yard does NOT let you select….shop somewhere else !!!

  2. I worked at a lumber yard a real one not the Box store ones like you fine on every other corner now. If a guy wanted to hand pick ever board it was a 20 percent increase in price

  3. Thanks Steve! This is really helpful. As a beginning woodworker I just don't have the nerve to go out there and buy expensive hardwoods for my projects, and I much prefer to make my learners mistakes on affordable materials like construction grade lumber. I've certainly worked with it in the past but it's great to see this confirmation that it's actually useable material. I never really thought about buying a larger dimensional lumber and processing it into smaller, so this is very helpful. My tool shopping list includes a jointer and a thickness planer. For the jointer I'll probably pick up a used one, and for the planer I'll get a DW735 or similar. Now I'm going to go check your other videos. Cheers!

  4. Nice video but I don't use soft lumber (pine, fir, cedar, redwood) to build fine furniture. Not being sarcastic but if I'm putting in the time to build really nice furniture I use Oak, Maple, Walnut, Hickory and some imported lumber like Bloodwood and Purple Heart. Rarely will I use lumber softer than Poplar. Now I would use this lumber for the Backyard BBQ table, Adirondak Chairs and the likes of that.

  5. I have done this too. My main problem is tear out while routing. Sometimes I kept the piece even with tear out years ago when I first started wood working. Embarrassing

  6. I made some furniture out of ruff lumber  wish I sew  your video  it would have helped me pick out my lumber a little better  I still have some of that furniture

  7. Unfortunate title as, of course, Canada and the US do not supply it to other parts of the world at anything like that price, I am not sure why not though. Probably just being mean spirited.

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